Wednesday, March 28, 2018

If I Can't Reach Active Directory, it's Down

Unless it's not.

I recently had a customer tell me that my AD servers were broken. They were unable to set SPNs via Setspn.

They were able to run AD queries and were able to do other "AD Stuff". As always, I demanded a packet capture.

In very short order, the issue was clear. Setspn, for reasons I cannot guess, uses RPCs to the domain controller to set SPNs. I have not clue why it doesn't just use LDAP. LDAP is better, it only requires one port, that we know will be open.

RPCs are a pain, they require TCP 135, the end point mapper, then some random high port, named at the time of connection.

Below, we see that the customer hit the EPM in Frame 873 and was assigned a new connection on port 1028. We the SYN to 1028 in 874, then retries in 966 and 1146.

Firewalls and windows RPCs don't mix. Click here for larger.


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