Wednesday, November 26, 2008

which executable am I running??

Lately I have had a few occasions where I needed to figure out what version of an executable was running on my windows machine. For executables that stay open, I usually use pslist or a host of other tools. For commands that start and stop quickly Windows has no tool. Having used the *NIX command which, I realized that windows makes me sad for not including this.

I recently took up c# so I decided to write a windows version of which. I’m not much of a developer and don’t have a full spec on which, so I wrote my own spec. Windows uses environment variables PATH and PATHEXT to locate an executable if it is not in the current directory. My version of which does the same thing. It tries the current directory cycling through the possible extensions and then on through the PATH in the same manor until it finds the executable or tries all the combinations. If the file is found, the full path and creation date are returned.

Feel free to fix my code or take the tool.



.NET 2.0 is required.

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