Sunday, September 16, 2012


Researching some nuanced Microsoft systems information has caused me to put this string in my always open cut and pasted text file:

I have searched for hundreds of bits of MS info and looked for hundreds of MS solutions to issues via Bing and Google.  I HAVE NEVER FOUND AN ANSWER in any of the MS social sites.  I have found plenty of people with the same problems as me, but so far no solutions.  Occasionally I have found a band-aide or reallllly bad advice that hides the problem, but never a meaningful answer.

Please join me in not even getting MS social sites back in your search results.

Microsoft, YOU MAKE BILLIONS a year.  Please stop asking your users and customers to provide support for each other.  If you insist on using social, spend some money and pay really smart people who are subject matter experts to get involved. Moderate the crap out of social.

STOP WASTING MY TIME!  If I wanted to rely on other users for support, I'd have gone open source.  


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! Remember the days when you could type an exact error string into Google and TechNet would always be at the top of the results? I do.

Microsoft, what are we paying for, exactly? I know you know that support cost is a loss leader...but do you remember what a loss leader is, and what it's supposed to do for your sales? Guess what? Since you cut the "expense" that we call documentation, we're looking back to open source again.


Anonymous said...

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