Monday, November 21, 2011

Learn From My Mistakes - Toddlers

I was recently reminded, twice, that kids don't see the world or understand language the way big people do. Here are two examples.

Be Careful
A few weeks ago, I was working out on our deck with a hammer. My 2 year old daughter came out and kept getting in the way. Being a wonderful and loving father, I warned my daughter. Using a tone that I knew was caring and not threatening, I said, "Sweetie, watch out or daddy might smash your toes with the hammer". My daughter immediately broke out into hysterical tears, screaming, "No daddy, don't smash my toes".  I guess one should think before they speak.

Dirty Apple
The other day my daughter was eating an apple out in the yard of a house we were looking at.  She was eating an apple, which she dropped into the dirt.   As the apple was covered in dirt, I told my daughter it was dirty and we'd get another one.  Then I threw it over the house into the green belt behind in the back.  Once again, my daughter broke out into tears, yelling, "daddy, apple disappear into sky"!!

Don't be like me...

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